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Ear Treatment

Hearing Test

  • Pure Tone Audiogram,
  • Tympanogram,
  • Cartilage Tympanoplasty for perforated Ear drum
  • Various Micro Ear Surgeries like: Mastoid Exploration for discharging Ear Ossicular Reconstruction.

For Hearing Loss

  • Myringotomy grommet insertion.
  • Stapedectomy for Otosclerosis.
  • Cochlear Implantation for totally deaf peoples.

Throat Treatment

  • Adenotonsillestomy – most advance technology like Coblation. LASER used for this surgery.
  • We also use adenoid debrider for adenoid opearation.
  • UPPP for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.
  • Tongue & Cheek operation.

Nose & Sinus Treatment

  • Rigid & flexible Endoscopic examination Nose in outpatient clinic.
  • Treatment for common cold, blocked nose, snoring, headache.
  • Endoscopic Nose surgery (mostly done under local anesthesia)
  • Nasal Polypectomy
  • Rhinoplasty for correction of Nose Shape.
  • Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS)
  • Septoplasty for Deviated Nasal septum, bone, cartilage.
  • Turbinoplasty Surgery.
  • Recurrent Nose Bleeding
  • – Sphenopalopin Artery Ligation
  • – Endoscopic Nasal Cavitery done under local anesthesia
  • Endoscopic CSF rhinorrhea surgery.

Head & Neck Surgery

  • Thyroid Surgery: For Thyroid Surgery first patient is investigated thoroughly including Ultrasonography, FNAC, CT Scan.
  • Parotid and Submandibular Sallivary Gland (stones and tumors of Sallivary Gland).
  • Lymph node swelling of neck
  • Head and Neck Cancer Surgery for Laryax(voice box)
  • Tongue tumor
  • Oral Cavity Surgery
  • Thyroid Cancer
  • Larynx
  • Lymph nodes cancer
  • Juvenile Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma (JNA) surgery.

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