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Sinus and nasal problem is a critical issues in the world. More than 35-36 million people suffering in this problem all over the world.

In modern India, 0.5- 1millon are suffering in these diseases as seasonally and 2 million as chronically.

Every year it will be achieved with more than 10% increasing graph for pollution.

What is Cause of Sinus & Nasal problem:

In our eyes, cheek, forehead has some blank air space within bones which helps to our nose moist. So our nose protects us from dust, allergens & pollution.

When that free space is fill-up with so more dust, allergies or pollution then your nose(nasal) and head(sinus) are swollen. If it stays for a long time then it will reason for your sinus and problems.

Chronic sinusitis can be the cause of infection which grows in your nasal polyps. That is the most important reason for swelling of the sinus.

What are the symptoms of sinus and nasal problem?

Pain and swelling around eyes, head, nose, cheek:

Nasal and sinus problems can cause swelling of your face and head area. It can produce might slight pain overall area.

Blockage Nose:

If the drainage process is blocked from the nose that can be one of the important reasons by Sinus and nasal problem.

Breathing problems:

During the Sinus and nasal problem, the nose was blocked and also fill-up with dust so it can be happening some breathing.

Nose inflammation: 

Thick and discoloured dust gel is produced in the nose area. It is a common low priority symptom of sinus and nasal problem.

The effect in Test and Smell Sense:

It can reduce your smell and taste sense.

Effect on Throat: Sinus & Nasal Problem can be causes for throat Pain and deep voice.

Aching in Teeth.

Pain in the ear.




Stuffing in the neck.

What is Treatment of Sinus and Nasal Problem:

If you have faced above symptoms more than 10 days then immediately appointments with ENT specialists or nasal and sinus surgeon.

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